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One of the many islets of the Comoros.

One of the many islets of the Comoros.

Those who visit the Comoros are able to experience a true African island adventure with its four main islands and wide range of unforgettable holiday experiences.

The Comoros is an island archipelago found off the coast of northern Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. The name, Comoros, is an Arabic word which means moon. It’s a world famous holiday destination thanks to its perfect year round warm climate, friendly people and breathtaking beaches. There are 4 main island with one of them being governed by France as well as many many smaller islets scattered around them. Those who visit the Comoros will notice that these African islands are not solely depended upon its tourism, instead it’s known as the Perfumed Islands for its ingredients which are used in international brands of perfumes and colognes. As a matter of fact, the Comoros is the world’s top producer of an essence known as Ylang Ylang.

Where are the Comoros?

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The 4 Main Comoros Islands

Those who visit the Comoros will notice many islands but most of these are small islets dotted around the 4 main ones, Grande Comore, Moheli, Mayotte and Anjouan. The smaller islets can be visited via day trips from the larger islands but here we will discuss the 4 main ones.

Grand Comore

Grande Comore Island

Grande Comore island is not only the largest of the 4 islands but also has the largest city, Moroni, which is also the capital city. The island itself is known for having some of the best beaches in the Comoros and receives the majority of tourists to the island since it has the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport. Grande Comore is also famous for its coffee, vanilla and cocoa exports.


Moheli Island

Moheli Island, otherwise known as the ‘Pearl of the Comoros’ is the smallest, least developed and least populated of all the islands. This is the ideal island for those who want to see nature in its most pristine condition. The people who live here mostly live along the coast and there is absolutely no industry here which is why the nature here has been hardly tampered with. The thing that tourists will notice more than anything else is the incredible hospitality of the local residents on Moheli.


Mayotte Island

When the Comoros gained its independence from France in 1975, the island of Mayotte, along with its smaller islets decided to remain under French control and is even to this day French territory. Today, Mayotte attracts nature lovers as the island is famous for its mountain trails up Mount Choungui. Other activities include whale watching in the local lagoon and snorkeling and scuba diving in some of the nearby reefs.


Anjouan Island

Many parts of Anjouan Island has a 1700’s feel to it as many of the buildings are old. The beaches here are incredible and there are many to choose from. One will also find various natural attractions for tourists such as waterfalls and lakes. The island is also the main perfume distillery of the Comoros.

When to Visit the Comoros

The weather in the Comoros is stable all year round with a tropical climate. There are 2 seasons, the hottest season which is also the wet season (December – April) and the slightly cooler dry season (May – November).

More About the Comoros

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