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The Madagascar landscape is like no other on earth.

The Madagascar landscape is like no other on earth.

Those who have visited Madagascar all agree that the island is like no other as it provides natural attractions, scenery, fauna and flora found nowhere else on earth.

Madagascar is situated just off the east coast of Southern Africa in the Indian Ocean and has been attracting nature lovers from around the world for years now. It’s estimated that up to 85% of all plant and animal species found on the island exists nowhere else on the planet. One of the first things those who visit Madagascar will notice is its unique landscapes. The island has tropical rain forests along its eastern side while a dry forest and some semi-desert like landscapes can be found on the west but some of the strangest plants and trees are situated in the southern regions. There are no shortage of activities to do on Madagascar either as there are some truly breathtaking shorelines, lots of rock formations to climb, caves to explore, interesting and friendly locals to meet and the surfing here is pretty good too.

Where is Madagascar?

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Things to do in Madagascar


Avenue of the Baobabs

The Baobab tree is native to Madagascar and most of them are centuries old. These strange looking trees can be found in various parts of the country but many of them are situated alongside a dirt road known as the Avenue of the Baobabs in western Madagascar. It’s one of the most visited tourist sites on the island and once you’ve seen these trees you’ll understand why.

Ile Sainte Marie

Ile Sainte Marie

Ile Sainte Marie is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Madagascar. It’s actually an island which sits off the eastern coast and was a popular spot for pirates 400 years ago. Many pirate shipwrecks can be found in the shallow waters surrounding Ile Sainte Marie. If pirate shipwrecks aren’t your thing then feel free to snorkel, scuba dive or watch the nearby humpback whales as they swim by the island.

Tsingy Reserve

The Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve

Madagascar has its fair share of natural parks and reserves but one that really stands out is the incredible Tsingy de Bemarah Reserve situated in the south. The reserve is unlike any place you have ever seen as its entirely made up of spike shaped limestone that was formed by flowing waters hundreds of thousands of years ago. The reserve is also where you will find various wildlife species such as the lemur’s and many others.

Nosy Be

Nosy Be

The island of Nosy Be happens to be Madagascar’s most visited tourist destination. On Nosy Be you will find coffee, vanilla, sugarcane cocoa plantations however, that is not what the tourists flock to see. Instead it is the stunning palm tree lined beaches, numerous lakes and pristine forests. The island is also a great place for scuba diving, mountain hiking and various marketplaces with the most popular market being found in Hellville – Nosy Be’s main town.

When to Visit Madagascar

The weather in Madagascar varies greatly depending on the area of the island and the time of year. However, the most popular time to visit Madagascar happens to be December / January as this is the hottest time of year and also the best time to spend time on the beaches.

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