Top 5 Caribbean Islands

Islands in the Caribbean

The most popular islands in the Caribbean

There are hundreds of Caribbean islands for you to choose from, but how do you know which ones to visit for your up coming vacation? Here I have selected the top 5 Caribbean getaway destinations for you to enjoy.

The Caribbean consists of about 28 different island nations but the region consists of somewhere around 7 000 islands in total. These includes various islands and cays found along the east coast of Central America and the North coast of South America. Many which belong to countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras and Belize. Each of these islands are blessed with an all year long tropical climate, white sandy beaches, warm Caribbean waters and spectacular coral reefs. With so many exotic places to choose from it can often be confusing to pick a place for your next vacation. This is why I have selected my top 5 Caribbean destinations to help you choose.

The island of Aruba


Aruba is a tiny paradise found in the south west corner of the Caribbean and each year there are about 1 million people who visit here with lots of them being cruise ship passengers. It’s one of my most favorite destinations but what is it that makes this small paradise so popular? Apart from the exquisite beaches, excellent restaurants, shopping opportunities and the large amounts of casinos, hotels and resorts lined up along some of its coastlines, you will also find something about this place that makes it stand out from the rest. The interior of Aruba is mainly desert which is very uncommon for Caribbean islands and this brings a variety of other types of tourist activities which are uncommon to the region. Read more about Aruba here.

The island of Barbados


Barbados sits on the eastern outskirts of the Caribbean and is situated directly in between the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans. The island offers its visitors an endless amount of fun filled activities which range from relaxing on gorgeous beaches, hiking opportunities, surfing, fishing and lots more. Bridgetown, which is the capital of Barbados has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well worth checking out. As a matter of fact, it is so beautiful here that there are an increasing number of couples and newlyweds coming here to either get married or spend their honeymoon. Read more about Barbados here.

The island of Grenada


Grenada was once at the center of conflict after a military coupe took place here which was followed by a US invasion. However, today it is one of the most popular Caribbean islands to visit. It is known by many as “the spice island”, due to the large amounts of spices being grown and made available here. The interior largely consists of beautiful mountains, waterfalls and tropical jungles which makes it a paradise for any adventure seeker. The beaches, needless to say, are just as spectacular and tourists will find an endless amount of marketplaces and local festivals which take place all throughout the year. Read more about Grenada here.

The island of Jamaica


There is no denying that Jamaica is one of the most well known islands in the world. It is loved by millions from all over for it’s beauty and culture. There are a wide variety of things that tourists can do to keep busy such as mountain climbing, swimming amongst dolphins, scuba diving, snorkeling and much more. Jamaica also has jungles and waterfalls in the interior where people can go to climb these waterfalls and to do zip lining. A word of caution: Jamaica has a very serious crime problem so tourists should always be aware of their surrounding while there. Read more about Jamaica here.

The island of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Situated in the North East Caribbean in what is known as the Greater Antilles, and close to other places such as the US and British Virgin Islands, as well as the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is the main island while the smaller islands are Mona, Vieques, Culebra and a number of other smaller Caribbean islands. Once here you will discover various breathtaking hideaways and a large number of gorgeous shorelines. The interior of these islands are home to jungles, valleys and mountains while the local people are very friendly. Read more about Puerto Rico here.