Top 5 Beaches in Asia

China Beach in Vietnam

China Beach in Vietnam

Asia is an enormous region and is home to many white sandy shorelines which is why we have compiled this list of incredible Asian beaches.

Southeast Asia is an area which is internationally renowned for its warm tropical weather, palm trees and spectacular white sandy beaches. Countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, French Polynesia and Thailand have long been highly popular beach holiday destinations amongst many international tourists. However, the breathtaking shorelines of other countries in the region such as Vietnam and Cambodia have only recently become frequented by tourists from around the world and is fast gaining popularity. Whether you are looking for relaxation, surfing or various other water sport activities, the shorelines of Southeast Asia have it all. Here is a collection of the 5 best beach holiday destinations in Asia.

White Beach

White Beach, Boracay Island, the Philippines

White Beach is by far the biggest tourist attraction on the internationally renowned Boracay Island. This beautiful stretch of coastline offers 2.5 miles of exquisite white sandy shorelines which have been divided into 3 regions. These regions are known as Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. The place is ideal for swimming and all kinds of other water activities while the promenade which runs along the entire length of the beach are lined with hotels, resorts, guesthouses, restaurants, bars and various other stores. Many people say that White Beach has become over commercialized and I cannot disagree with those kind of statements. However, this stretch of shoreline is stunning and continues to be one of the most popular beaches in Asia.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach, Phuket Island, Thailand

The family friendly Kata Beach is renowned for its crystal clear ocean water and fine white sand. It’s closely situated to another popular beach known as Karon. Kata is broken up into two distinct regions. Kata South, which is where you will find most of the accommodations and Kata Center which is the closest to Karon. Tourists who visit this incredible palm tree lined shoreline will have a wide variety of accommodations to choose from, many restaurants to visit and will be able to enjoy a pleasant nightlife. There are also plenty activities to keep most tourists busy. A lot of surfers from around the world also visit here during the months of May to October because this is when the waves are best for surfing.

Main Beach

Main Beach, Rabbit Island, Cambodia

There are a lot of people out there who aren’t even aware that Cambodia has a coastline which can be a good thing because Cambodia, along with its many islands have some of the most incredible beaches in Asia. Therefore, these picture perfect shorelines are never crowded as most tourists are usually found along the coast of neighboring Thailand. Cambodia’s Rabbit Island is one of the closest islands to the mainland but the feeling of isolation and peacefulness on the Main Beach of this island is incredible. Main Beach is breathtakingly beautiful and is never crowded. You will find the shoreline lined with palm trees, a small amount of bars and the only accommodations available here are small little huts. It’s the perfect place for peace and quiet in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet.

China Beach

China Beach, Vietnam

China Beach in Vietnam is not on an island. Instead, this 20 mile long beach is situated on the mainland and makes the list because of its many unique features and interesting history. For instance, it’s the very same place where many US soldiers first arrived during the 1970’s for the Vietnam war, yet today it is one of the most popular coastal destinations in Vietnam thanks to its world class amenities. It’s also the very same place where Vietnam held its very first international surfing contest back in 1992 and if you visit here between September and December you will see surfers from around the world coming to surf. There are also more than enough activities to keep you busy that are not beach related, such as visiting nearby places like Hoi An and Marble Mountain.

Matira Beach

Matira Beach, Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia

Matira Beach is regarded by many as being the most popular stretch of coast on Bora Bora Island. This 1 mile long white sandy shoreline sits at the southern end of the island and the island itself consists of various private and public beaches. In my opinion, Matira is the only public beach that is worth visiting. The atmosphere is great, there are lots of palm trees which provide much needed shade, the waters are ideal for swimming and if you enjoy snorkeling you will find no shortage of spectacular coral reefs to explore.

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