Tioman Island

Tioman Island

The jungle covered Tioman Island is surrounded by picture perfect coral reefs and has become a very popular scuba diving destination.

Sitting 15 miles off the coast of Malaysia – not far from Pulau Langkawi – sits the densely forested Tioman Island. It has 8 villages, numerous holiday resorts and is scarcely populated with picture perfect white coral reefs surrounding it. Tioman is a protected nature reserve because of the various endangered species living there. These endangered animals include various species of squirrel, binturong, porcupine, macaque, deer and many others. The island is also home to a large population of monitor lizards and domesticated cats as they can often be seen all over the island. The most affordable way to get to Tioman Island is by ferry from the Malaysian mainland while a much quicker way is by propeller plane.

Where Is Tioman Island?


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Things To Do In Tioman Island

Enjoy some of the best beaches of Malaysia

The beaches on Tioman Island.

Tioman Island has many beaches for you to enjoy and there is lots of sunshine, palm trees, crystal clear water, white coral reefs and white sandy beaches. There are too many beaches to mention but some of the most popular ones are Berjaya beach, Monkey beach, Juara beach, Genting beach and Salang beach. There are various beach and ocean activities to be enjoyed such as windsurfing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and many others.

Scuba diving

Tioman diving spots.

The clear waters, abundance of exotic marine species and incredible white colored coral reefs makes Tioman Island a very popular scuba diving destination. There are more than 20 diving spots found around the island and many scuba diving tour operators for you to choose from. Most of the diving tour operators offers lessons for beginners and can provide certification. Choose from scuba diving around white coral reefs, shipwrecks or even with dolphins.

Take the round island tour

Cruise around the island.

Tioman Island is still largely undeveloped and that may not change anytime soon since the island is a nature reserve. Therefore, roads are in short supply and the best way to make your way around to the different parts is by boat. Tourists will have the option of making use of a tour operator or by making use of a boat island tour provided by their holiday resort. Some of the most popular stops on the round island tour includes visiting various waterfalls, visiting the main village of Tekek where you can do some duty free shopping and stopping at a few coral reefs to do some snorkeling.

Jungle hikes

The interior jungles on Tioman Island in Malaysia.

Much of the island interior consists of dense and untouched tropical jungles with the only real development being the small handful of holiday resorts and villages found along certain sections of the coast. This makes Tioman Island perfect for jungle hikes and there are numerous hiking trails available. The hardest trek is the 3 mile long trail that runs through the center of Tioman. It will take roughly 4 hours to complete and you will see numerous waterfalls, lizards and monkeys along the way. Other shorter and easier trails can be found between the villages too.

When To Go

Tioman Island has the same climate as mainland Malaysia. It’s hot and humid all year round and the weather is pretty calm except for the occasional thunderstorm. The busy tourist season is from May to August but surfers usually come here from October to January when the monsoon winds begin. The waves are normally huge during this time and it’s often hard to find a ferry that will take you from the mainland to Tioman Island. However, most hotels and resorts here offer huge discounts during this period too.


More Information

Tourism.gov.my: Visit the official Tioman Island website here.

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