Things To Do On The Canary Islands

An ocean view from one of the Canary Islands.

An ocean view from one of the Canary Islands.

There are an abundance of Canary Island attractions spread out over seven picture perfect islands which supply tourists with a variety of activities.

The numerous Canary Island attractions offers tourists lucky enough to visit everything from terrifying volcano tours, some of the best beaches in Europe, old colonial Spanish towns rich in history and a vibrant, energetic nightlife among many others. The various things to do on the Canary Islands are spread out over seven islands which attract an astonishing 12 million tourists each year thanks to its exquisite beauty, natural scenery and variety of outdoor activities. The most popular of the seven islands is Tenerife as its the largest, most developed and is home to the best tourist attractions. Take a look at our list of things to do on the Canary Islands below.

Canary Island Beaches

Choose from 500 different beaches!

Stepping onto a beach is one of the very first things most visitors to the Canary Islands do. And why not? After all, the beaches are one of the top Canary Island attractions. All year long spring-like temperatures and 500 beaches of every kind imaginable will ensure you spend most of your vacation on the shorelines. The most popular beaches have clear waters, white sand and are lined with restaurants and pubs while others feature strange and eerie black sand from volcanic activity. Take a look at some of the best beaches on the Canary Islands for more information.


Tour the Lanzarote Volcano Route

What is the second most popular Canary Island attraction? Volcanoes! And the Canary Islands have no shortage of these terrifying natural wonders. The volcano route on Lanzarote Island is by far one of the most recommended things to do while on the Canary Islands. The tour is strictly done with the aid of a tour guide because you will be walking along what is known as ‘the Fire Mountains’. It’s where you will witness actual lava flow from up close and feel the scorching heat from it. Along the way you will learn about the largest eruptions throughout history as you make your way through picturesque Spanish villages to the ‘Lava Coast’.

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Enjoy the Nightlife

Canary Island Nightlife

Looking for things to do on the Canary Islands after sunset? If you enjoy a good night out then these Spanish islands won’t disappoint. There’s a very active nightlife on just about each of the seven main islands but for the most vibrant night out head to Tenerife island. Here you will find everything from packed nightclubs to quiet bars and pubs. The most active nightlife region on Tenerife is Playa de las Americas which is particularly frequented by British tourists. Lanzarote Island is known for its many traditional and more relaxed British pubs. While Gran Canaria island has a university so its Las Palmas region is packed with students and nightclubs.

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Spanish Towns

Visit beautiful Spanish colonial towns

Each of the Canary Islands boasts gorgeous Spanish colonial towns that will make you feel as if you are on the Spanish mainland. Many of these towns are rich in history and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The yearly festivals held in true Spanish tradition along with the many museums and colonial Baroque churches attract large numbers of tourists each year. Some of the most popular towns include San Cristobal, Arucas, Las Palmas, Agulo and many many others.

Mount Teide

Journey up Mount Teide via cable car

Taking the cable car up Mount Teide and then walking back down the volcano along one of the three trails is not only one of the biggest Canary Islands attractions but is also by far one of the most memorable things to do in the Canary Islands. The enormous Mount Teide is the highest peak in Spain and also one of the three largest volcanoes in the world. Still interested? Head to Tenerife Island, where for around $10 per person you can embark on the 8 minute long cable car journey up to the 3,718 meter summit. As you ascend there will be spectacular views of volcanic landscapes which include actual lava flows. Enjoy the incredible views from one of the viewing platforms on the summit, afterwards choose one of the three scenic trails to make your way back down the base. The trails range from moderate to difficult and takes 20 to 40 minutes on average to complete. If walking down a volcano isn’t your thing feel free to take the cable car back down.

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