The Grenada Islands

The Grenada Islands in the Caribbean.

Grenada is a Caribbean island nation that consists of three large main tropical islands and several smaller ones.

Grenada is known as the island of spice (not to be confused with the spice island). It’s made up of three main islands – Grenada, Petit Martinique, and Carriacou. Grenada is the main island and receives the bulk of tourists and there’s a good reason for that – it has so many unique tourist attractions and activities available for visitors to enjoy as well as some of the best beaches in this Caribbean island nation. Carriacou island is not as popular as when compared to the main island but still receives a good amount of visitors each year. Petit Martinique is not that visited because it lays quite a distance from the other islands and also because it doesn’t have proper tourist infrastructure. It’s still a good place to explore if you do not mind giving up on some luxuries for a little while and going through the extra bit of effort to get to Petit Martinique island.

Where Is Grenada?

8 Reasons to Visit Grenada

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The Grenada Islands

Grenada Island

The main island of Grenada.

Grenada island is the main island and home to the majority of citizens. It’s also the most visited of the Grenada islands thanks to its wide variety of attractions and tourist activities. There is no shortage of world-class hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Some of the attractions here include visiting the Grand Etang Nature Reserve where you can visit a huge lake crater and climb Mount Qua Qua. There are numerous rum distilleries and waterfalls which you can visit and needless to say, the beaches are incredible.

Carriacou Island

Carriacou Island.

Carriacou island is the second largest of the three but is still considerably smaller when compared to the main island. There is a good tourist infrastructure in place and is often visited for its beaches, beautiful marine parks, the Belair National Park where numerous festivals are held throughout the year and lots more.

Petite Martinique Island

Petite Martinique.

Petite Martinique is the smallest of the three and is home to less than 1000 residents. It’s not often visited by tourists since it’s quite far from the other two islands and because of the lack of tourist infrastructure. There isn’t much to do here and you could easily explore Petite Martinique on foot in a few hours. It would make for a good day trip.

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