The Corn Islands

The Corn Islands.

Visiting the stunning Corn Islands of Nicaragua will most probably be the most memorable Caribbean vacation you ever go on.

Situated approximately 40 miles off the east coast of Nicaragua sits the Corn Islands. They are made up of two incredibly beautiful Caribbean islands known as Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island – with Big Corn being nearly four times larger than the Little Corn. Tourism on the Corn Islands is relatively new and previously these Caribbean destinations had to rely on fishing, lobster, and coconut exports for revenue. However, thanks to the many spectacular coral reefs, picturesque beaches and unforgettable sunsets, these islands are attracting its fair share of international tourists at an increasing rate with every year that goes by. One of the best things about the tourism industry being new here is that you can still experience and visit the Corn Islands at very affordable prices.

Where Are The Corn Islands?


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About the Corn Islands

As mentioned, the Corn Islands consist of two different islands simply known as Big Corn and Little Corn. Here’s information on each of these beautiful tropical destinations.

Big Corn Island

Big Corn Island.

Big Corn Island is the most popular and most visited of the two islands. The people here are friendly and the most spoken languages here are Spanish and English. The most popular tourist activities on the island are hiking up hills for spectacular views of the island and surrounding ocean, diving and snorkeling, fishing, and the beaches of course. Other than these activities there won’t be much else to do. The nightlife here isn’t exceptional either and only takes place on weekends. Little Corn is a short boat trip away and it’s recommended that visitors to Big Corn Island make the trip to Little Corn even if only for a day or two. Finding a boat is easy as there are many people who will offer to take you for a small fee.

Little Corn Island

Little Corn Island.

Don’t be put off by Little Corn Island just because it’s smaller. It’s much less developed (although Big Corn is not that developed at all) and there are no roads or vehicles on the island. The only way to get around is by walking. This shouldn’t be a problem since you can see the entire island on foot in less than an hour. The beaches here are much more pristine, there are considerably fewer tourists around since most of them spend the majority of their vacation on Big Corn Island. However, the food and accommodation are just as good. There’s a lighthouse on the island that will allow you to see incredible views of the island from the top.

How To Get From Big Corn To Little Corn

When visiting the Corn Islands, you will first arrive on Big Corn. However, it won’t be long before you want to explore Little Corn. To do that, simply head to the ‘panga wharf’ to catch the panga (ferry).

The ferry departs twice a day – once at around 10:00 AM and then again at 16:30 PM. Tickets cost $5 per person and the trip takes somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes.

To head back, be at the Little Corn wharf (where you arrived) before either 6:30 AM or 13:30 PM (departure times).

When To Go

The Islands are situated in the Caribbean, just off the east coast of Central America (Nicaragua) so it has a very tropical climate. The low-pressure conditions and trade winds that are common for most of the year bring a lot of rain so the best time to visit the Corn Islands is during the dry period which is February, March, and April.

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