The Best Dive Knives

The best dive knives.

A good quality scuba knife is an essential tool for anyone who does scuba diving or spearfishing. Not only will such a tool make your underwater tasks a whole lot easier, but it could also literally save your life or the life of others. Here we will review some of the best spearfishing/dive knives and also show you how to choose the right one for your needs.

Blade materialBlade lengthBlade tipBlade edgePrice
Promate BarracudaTitanium5-inchesSharpStraight and serratedHere
Cressi Skorpion420 stainless steel4-inchesAvailable in sharp or bluntStraight and serratedHere
Snake Eye TacticalStainless steel4-inchesSharpStraight and serratedHere
Mørksej Knife420 stainless steel3-inchesSharpStraight and serratedHere
Aqua Lung Big Squeeze304 stainless steel4.5-inchesBluntStraight and serratedHere
Atomic Aquatics Titanium TI6Titanium4-inchesSharpStraight and serratedHere
Heavy Duty Titanium Point-Tip Dive KnifeTitanium5-inchesSharpStraight and serratedHere
Hardened TB6 Titanium Dive KnifeTitanium3-inchesBluntStraight and serratedHere

How to choose the best diving knife

Before we start the dive knife reviews, we’ll first go over some features to consider and look for when choosing your knife.

Blade material

Saltwater is extremely corrosive, which is why diving knife blades are made from either stainless steel or titanium. Both are high-quality materials, but each also has its pros and cons.

Stainless steel: Many people think that stainless steel doesn’t rust, but the truth is that it does – it just takes a lot longer for the rust to show. Most stainless steel diving knives are available in 300 to 400 series alloy, and the lower the alloy, the harder it is for the blade to rust. On the other hand, it’s also harder for the lower alloys to maintain a sharp edge, so it needs regular sharpening.

To stave off rust formation on a stainless steel blade, rinse it off with freshwater straight after diving and apply some oil.

Titanium: Titanium dive knives never rust, but the trade-off is that they are incredibly hard to sharpen. However, titanium blades maintain their sharpness for an incredibly long time, so it’s highly unlikely that you will need to sharpen it often. Also, titanium knives never need maintenance but keep in mind that they are some of the most expensive diving knives you can get.

Blade length

Blades usually come in sizes of 2 to 6 inches in length. Keep in mind that a 2 or 3-inch blade might be too small for some tasks, while 6-inches and up might be too cumbersome or even dangerous in certain situations. In most cases, a 4 or 5-inch blade is ideal because it’s long enough to cut through most types of entanglements you might get caught up in, and it’s short enough to not pose any significant danger to yourself or vital equipment.

Tips and edges

The type of tip and edge plays a vital role in the knife’s functionality and ability.

Straight vs. serrated edge: A straight edge is ideal for cutting through nylon lines, while a serrated edge is perfect for seaweed and rope. Both are extremely beneficial, and luckily you do not have to compromise because many types of diver knives have a dual-edge.

Blunt vs. sharp tips: The final important thing to consider is the type of tip – sharp or blunt. Most dive knives have a blunt tip so that you do not accidentally stab yourself or puncture vital gear such as your air hose. Sharp tipped knives are more commonly used by spearfishermen because they are ideal for gutting fish, but as mentioned, can be very dangerous.

The best dive knives

Promate barracuda titanium diving knife

This Promate dive knife has a 5-inch long titanium blade with a hammer at the bottom of the handle. A quality blade such as this does not really require maintenance, but it can be quickly and easily be disassembled should you feel the need to service it.

One side of the blade has a straight edge for cutting and slicing, while the other side has a serrated edge for sawing. Also, the product comes with rubber straps so that you can attach the knife to your leg.

The product comes in a package that has dimensions of 20 x 15 x 15 inches and weighs one pound.

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Cressi Skorpion stainless steel spearfishing and dive knife

Cressi is a quality scuba diving knife brand from Italy and their medium-sized Skorpion model won’t disappoint.

The blade is made from high-quality Japanese 420 stainless steel, with one side of the blade being serrated and the other side straight. The length of the blade is just over 4 inches long and is available in either a pointed or blunt tip.

Its non-slip handle fits comfortably in your hand thanks to the anatomical finger molds and soft-grip material. Also, the handle has a metallic butt that can be used as a hammer when needed.

Additionally, the product comes with an impact-resistant sheath with a built-in locking mechanism that allows you to remove the knife with one hand, and straps so that you can strap it to your arm or leg.

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Snake eye tactical dive knife

This snake eye knife is basic, affordable, and gets the job done. The 4-inch long stainless steel blade has a razor-sharp straight edge and line cutter, while the 4.5-inch handle fits comfortably in your hand.

The total length of the knife is 8.5-inches and comes with a sheath and strap.

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Mørksej diving and spearfishing knife

The Mørksej dive and spearfishing knife is ideal as a main or even a back-up knife. It has a 3.5-inch handle attached to a 3-inch 420 stainless steel blade that has both a serrated and straight edge. In addition, the blade tip is sharp so it’s great as a spearfishing knife.

It also comes with straps so that you can secure the blade to your arm or leg.

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Aqua Lung Big Squeeze

The Aqua Lung Big Squeeze features a 4.5-inch long 304 stainless steel blade that has both a straight and a serrated edge and a 5-inch handle that can be used as a tank banger.

Losing this dive knife is not possible because it securely locks into its sheath with a secure and patented locking mechanism that can only be released when squeezing the handle.

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Atomic aquatics titanium Ti6 scuba diving knife

Atomic Aquatics brings you this quality 4-inch full tang titanium blade that features a line cutting notch, and both a straight and serrated edge. Its plastic handle is non-slippery even when underwater and has finger slots for a secure grip.

It also comes with easy to adjust straps and a locking sheath that releases the knife with the push of a button.

The dive knife is available in both sharp and blunt tips.

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Heavy Duty Titanium Point-Tip Dive Knife

This heavy-duty titanium sharp tip dive knife from the legendary scuba choice brand measures 10-inches in length. The blade has a straight and serrated edge, as well as a line-cutting notch.

The product comes with two straps and a beautiful sheath that releases the knife at the press of a button. Overall, it feels incredibly durable and is an ideal dive knife for beginners and experts alike.

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Corrosion-resistant hardened TB6 titanium dive knife

This dive knife is made from full tang hardened TB6 titanium alloy. The blade is short (3-inches) and incredibly hard to sharpen, but the blade and handle (6.3-inches in total) has many useful scuba diving features. Some of these features include a serrated and straight edge, a flat screwdriver, and a wrench for diving hoses.

The blade can easily be attached to any type of equipment and comes with a quick-release sheath.

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