Boracay Island

One of the best things about the Philippines is that it has more than 7000 islands, but none stands out more than the internationally renowned Boracay Island. Boracay Island sits 200 miles to the south from the capital city of the Philippines, Manila, and forms part of the Visayas Island chain in the Aklan Province. […]

Fuga Island

If you’re looking for an island that is completely undeveloped and rarely receives visitors, then Fuga island is for you. If you are one of those tourists who love resorts and various types of luxuries while on vacation then it’s best to avoid Fuga island because the island offers none of those. Actually, Fuga doesn’t […]

Cagayancillo Island

Cagayancillo Island is not a popular destination as most visitors to the Philippines prefer the tourist infrastructure and luxuries of the many other nearby destinations. There aren’t many tourists who end up on Cagayancillo island while on vacation in the Philippines because it has no tourist infrastructure in place. As a matter of fact, the […]

The Babuyan Islands

The Babuyan Islands are some of the most remote islands in the Philippines and getting there is an adventure all on its own. To the north of Luzon Island in the Philippines sits the Babuyan archipelago – one of the most remote islands in the Philippines. The Babuyan Islands are made up of 5 main […]

Top 5 Beaches in Asia

Asia is an enormous region and is home to many white sandy shorelines which is why we have compiled this list of incredible Asian beaches. Southeast Asia is an area which is internationally renowned for its warm tropical weather, palm trees and spectacular white sandy beaches. Countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, French Polynesia and […]

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