Martinique Island

Martinique Island in the Caribbean.

Martinique Island is a foreign part of France situated in the Caribbean with an interesting mix of both French and local Caribbean cultures.

Those who visit Martinique are able to enjoy lush tropical rainforests, Caribbean beaches, and a mix of local as well as French cultures. The island is French foreign territory therefore the local currency is the Eurodollar and to visit tourists will need an EU visa – which is why it’s such a popular travel destination among European travelers. It is an island surrounded by your typical breathtaking Caribbean shorelines with a rainforest-covered mountainous interior and even a live volcano. The island is a great travel destination for those interested in beaches, hiking through forests and mountain climbers alike. Not to mention a vast amount of scuba diving sites situated all around and just offshore such as Diamond Rock. The local rum distilleries along with banana farming and tourism are the three main sources of income for Martinique.

Where Is Martinique Island?

Although, Martinique is categorized as being in the Caribbean, it’s actually not. The island is located just east of the Caribbean as part of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles.

MARTINIQUE: Caribbean Paradise Travel Video

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Things To Do On Martinique Island

Those who visit Martinique will find a vast amount of tourist activities for such a small Caribbean island. Here is a short list of the top things to do while on vacation in beautiful sunny Martinique.

Hike up Mount Pelée

Hike up Mount Pelée.

Mount Pelée is an active volcano on Martinique. Those who hike all the way up to the summit will be able to enjoy grand views of the Atlantic ocean and various towns down below. The volcano itself had its last eruption in 1902 where it killed many thousands of residents and although still active is regarded as safe enough for tourists to explore. Mount Pelée can be found at the northern end of Martinique and provides a fairly easy hike for those brave enough.

Visit various beaches such as Grande Anse des Salines and Anse Turin

The beaches of Martinique Island.

Martinique is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The northern section of the island is renowned for its black sand beaches caused by Mount Pelée while the rest are your normal yellow and white sandy beaches. If you ever do visit Martinique you will have a wide variety of beaches to choose from with some of the most popular ones being Grape Sand Beach, Grande Anse des Salines, Les Salines, and Anse Dufour among many others.

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Explore Fort-de-France

The Fort-de-France on the island of Martinique.

Fort-de-France is the capital of Martinique and sits on the west coast. It’s a beautiful city which is immensely popular with tourists and those who visit here are able to learn more about the island’s interesting history. There are three French forts which tourists can visit, a botanical garden, nearby tropical forests and a whole lot more. Many tourists who visit Martinique end up staying in Fort-de-France for the duration of their vacation because it’s easier to make their way to the various tourist destinations from here.

Visit Saint-Pierre

Saint Pierre in the Caribbean.

Saint-Pierre is a beautiful town that sits at the foot of Mount Pelée. It was found in 1635 and has been rebuilt since the last huge volcanic eruption in 1902 which destroyed the entire town and some of the old remains can still be seen in some parts. It’s particularly popular with scuba divers who stay here during their holidays because of the numerous scuba diving sites found nearby and by those who have come to hike up Mount Pelée. Some of the best restaurants on Martinique can be found in Saint-Pierre as it offers the best of local cuisine.

When To Visit Martinique

Martinique usually gets hit by hurricanes during the summer which is from July to September so the best time to visit Martinique would be May and June. December to April are also good times to visit but this period is the peak season and you can expect to pay higher prices.

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