Isla Boca Brava

Isla Boca Brava

Isla Boca Brava is a beautiful and quiet island found off the west coast of Panama in the Gulf of Chiriqui.

It’s found close to various other islands belonging to Panama such as Secas Island, Paridita Island, San Pedro Island, and a few others. All of these islands and as well as the entire Gulf of Chiriqui forms a part of the Golfo Chiriqui National Marine Park. The marine park in total has more than 20 different islands and consists of about 14 000 ha. Isla Boca Brava is the largest of these islands and is around 3 000 ha in size. It offers tourists one of the most beautiful and untouched natural environments and is home to miles of white tropical beaches, various hiking trails, an interesting blend of wildlife, and lots of mangroves. Lately, Isla Boca Brava has been attracting lots of bird watchers and various other nature enthusiasts who visit here to see almost 300 various bird species, sea turtles, and howler monkeys.

Where is Isla Boca Brava?

Boca Brava Island and Boca Chica, Chiriqui, Panama

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Things To Do In Isla Boca Brava

Go hiking

The hiking trails of Isla Boca Brava.

Although Isla Boca Brava is a pretty large island (3000 ha), you still won’t find a whole lot of hiking trails. However, there are a small number of them and many people who have been on these hiking trails all agree that Isla Boca Brava has some of the best hiking trails in all of Panama. You will hike through untouched jungles and will be able to see lots of howler monkeys and bird species along the way.

Explore the marine park

Big game fish in the marine park.

The marine park and all of its islands are easily accessible from Isla Boca Brava. It’s home to various coral reefs of various sizes and is home to eels, marlin, dolphins, orcas, barracudas, manta rays, sharks, and a whole lot more. Tourists can dive around the coral reefs of Islas Secas and Islas Ladrones. There is also an international big game fishing tournament held here once a year.

Go island hopping

Island hopping the Panama Islands.

The island is found close to more than 20 other breathtaking islands which makes island hopping a well-liked tourist activity. The waters are clear and the beaches are exquisite. Water taxi operators can be arranged from certain places on Isla Boca Brava and they will take you to the various islands and even go whale watching. Some of the boats are in bad condition and most of the boat operators only speak Spanish. The current rate is around $20 but to have the entire boat for the day will cost around $100.

When To Go

Any time would be a good time to visit thanks to its all year round sub-tropical climate. Also, because it’s situated off the west coast of Panama and not the east coast (the Caribbean) the island doesn’t get hurricanes and tropical storms.

More Information

Panama Sport Fishing: Interested in doing big game fishing in the waters off the island? Visit the website of one of the leading sport fishing operators in Panama for more information.

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