The shores of Playa de las Canteras - one of the most visited beaches on the Canary Islands

Planning a trip to this Spanish archipelago and wondering which of the Canary Islands have the best beaches? Check out this definitive Canaries beach guide. The Canary Islands are particularly popular among European tourists who visit here to escape the cold winters on the European mainland. The beaches of the Canary Islands are ideal because […]

An ocean view from one of the Canary Islands.

There are an abundance of Canary Island attractions spread out over seven picture perfect islands which supply tourists with a variety of activities. The numerous Canary Island attractions offers tourists lucky enough to visit everything from terrifying volcano tours, some of the best beaches in Europe, old colonial Spanish towns rich in history and a […]

The Corn Islands of Nicaragua

Visiting the stunning Corn Islands of Nicaragua will most probably be the most memorable vacation you ever go on. Situated approximately 40 miles off the east coast of Nicaragua sits the Corn Islands. They are made up of two incredibly beautiful Caribbean islands known as Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island – with Big […]

A white sandy beach bar in Zanzibar.

Although a very small African island off the east coast of the continent there is plenty of things to do and see in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a 50 island archipelago which can be found just off the coast of Tanzania in east Africa. It’s a place of white sandy beaches and hot sunny weather which […]

The Madagascar landscape is like no other on earth.

Those who have visited Madagascar all agree that the island is like no other as it provides natural attractions, scenery, fauna and flora found nowhere else on earth. Madagascar is situated just off the east coast of Southern Africa in the Indian Ocean and has been attracting nature lovers from around the world for years […]

One of the many islets of the Comoros.

Those who visit the Comoros are able to experience a true African island adventure with its four main islands and wide range of unforgettable holiday experiences. The Comoros is an island archipelago found off the coast of northern Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. The name, Comoros, is an Arabic word which means moon. It’s a […]

A cliff coastline in the Azores.

Want to visit the Azores? These Portuguese Islands are situated in the north Atlantic ocean and are considered to be the most western point of Europe. The Azores consists of 9 islands which covers a 370 mile area and sits just over 800 miles to the west of continental Europe. The 9 islands are Santa […]

The coastline of Tenerife Island, Canary Islands.

The beautiful Spanish archipelago known as the Canary Islands – or the Canaries for short – are situated a short distance from Morocco off the North African coast. The Canary Islands receives a staggering 12 million visitors a year from right across the world. So what is it about these Spanish Islands that attracts such […]


Planning to visit the Seychelles? The spectacular 115 island archipelago sits a short distance off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean and is one of the world’s top island destinations. The Seychelles has many things going for it but one of the most appealing things about this Indian Ocean paradise is its […]