Best Beaches In The Canary Islands

Planning a trip to this Spanish archipelago and wondering which of the Canary Islands have the best beaches? Check out this definitive Canaries beach guide. The Canary Islands are particularly popular among European tourists who visit here to escape the cold winters on the European mainland. The beaches of the Canary Islands are ideal because […]

The Canary Islands

The beautiful Spanish archipelago known as the Canary Islands – or the Canaries for short – is situated a short distance from Morocco off the North African coast. The Canary Islands receives a staggering 12 million visitors a year from right across the world. So what is it about these Spanish Islands that attracts such […]

The Azores

Want to visit the Azores? These Portuguese Islands are situated in the north Atlantic and are considered to be the most western point of Europe. The Azores consist of 9 islands which cover a 370-mile area and sits just over 800 miles to the west of continental Europe. The 9 islands are Santa Maria, Sao […]

Ibiza Island

What is it about Ibiza that attracts 5 million tourists to this Spanish paradise each year? Warm weather, beautiful settings, and summer parties of course. Ibiza is a spectacular little Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea and has become internationally renowned for being a summer party destination. The island forms part of the legendary Balearic […]

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