Beautiful Palm Tree's on a beach in Martinique

Martinique is a foreign part of France situated in the Caribbean with an interesting mix of both French and local Caribbean cultures. Those who visit Martinique are able to enjoy lush tropical rainforests, Caribbean beaches and a mix of local as well as French cultures. The island is French foreign territory therefore the local currency […]

Grenada in the Caribbean.

Grenada is a Caribbean island nation that consists of three large main tropical islands and several smaller ones too. Grenada is known as the island of spice (not to be confused with the spice island). It’s made up of three main islands – Grenada, Petit Martinique and Carriacou. Grenada is the main island and receives […]

The Corn Islands of Nicaragua

Visiting the stunning Corn Islands of Nicaragua will most probably be the most memorable vacation you ever go on. Situated approximately 40 miles off the east coast of Nicaragua sits the Corn Islands. They are made up of two incredibly beautiful Caribbean islands known as Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island – with Big […]