The Comoros

Those who visit the Comoros are able to experience a true African island adventure with its four main islands and a wide range of unforgettable holiday experiences. Comoros is an island archipelago found off the coast of northern Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. The name, Comoros, is an Arabic word which means moon. It’s a […]

Madagascar Island

Those who have visited Madagascar all agree that the island is like no other as it provides scenery found nowhere else on earth. Madagascar is situated just off the east coast of Southern Africa in the Indian Ocean and has been attracting nature lovers from around the world for years now. It’s estimated that up […]

Zanzibar Island

Although a very small African island off the east coast of the continent there is plenty of things to do and see in Zanzibar. Ah, Zanzibar.. the home of many sultan’s and Freddy Mercury. It is a 50 island archipelago that can be found just off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa, famous for […]

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