The Best Backpack Rain Covers

The best backpack rain covers.

A backpack rain cover is an easy and cost-effective way of waterproofing your current backpack without having the buy a new one. Not only does it prevent your bag and its contents from becoming waterlogged, but it also protects it from dirt, snow, and scratches. Here we will show you how to choose a backpack rain cover and review some of the best ones you can buy.

How to choose a backpack rain cover

Rain covers are pretty simple and straightforward. If you’re considering buying one, here are some features you may want to look for.

Size: Rain cover sizes, just like backpacks, are measured in liters. It’s not necessary for the cover to be the same liter size as your backpack, because it’s okay for the cover to be larger than the bag – but it’s not okay for the cover to be smaller than the bag. The reason for this lies in the elastic bands which can be pulled so that a larger cover automatically adjusts itself to the size, shape, and contour of your backpack.

Material: The whole purpose of these covers is for them to be waterproof and the secret to this lies in the material it is made from. Anything made from 190T Nylon or 300D oxford is ideal.

Elastic bands: Elastic bands are essential as it allows the cover to automatically fit and adjust to your backpack size perfectly. It also prevents the cover from coming loose or blowing away in very windy conditions.

Buckle straps: Buckle straps are another important feature your rain cover should have as it helps to stabilize the cover and prevent it from sliding off.

Reflective strips: Getting caught out in the rain while hiking or traveling is one thing but being out at night is a different story and situation altogether. This is why many rain cover manufacturers have now started to add highly-visible reflective strips onto the backs of their covers.

The best backpack rain covers

Now that you know how to choose the right backpack rain cover for your needs, we will review some of the best ones for you to choose from.

WSZCML backpack rain cover (10-90L)

The WSZCML backpack rain cover is made from 300D plaided oxford material which is 100% waterproof and resistant to scratches, and wear and tear. It also protects your backpack from dirt and sand, but should any water enter the cover for whatever reason, it will automatically drain out because of the built-in drainage port.

Its other features include a large reflective strip that makes you clearly visible at night, an adjustable built-in elastic band that allows you to easily make the cover adjust to the size of your bag, and cross buckle straps for additional stability.

In addition, the cover has a foldable function which allows you to use it to cover any item that it fits and thereby making it waterproof.

You also get a100% Money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with the product.

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Frelaxy waterproof backpack rain cover

This backpack rain cover from Frelaxy makes use of multiple layers to keep your bag and its contents dry. It is made from 190T Nylon material with a waterproof coating, which is scratch-proof, and the inner layer is a type of polymer known as polyurethane which prevents the material from degrading over time.

Your purchase includes a handy little waterproof storage pouch that can easily and conveniently clip to your backpack for when you need it in an emergency.

The cover is available in a variety of sizes – Small (15-25L), Medium (25-35L), Large (35-50L), Extra-Large (50-65L), and XXL (65-90L).

There is also a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product.

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Loowoko waterproof backpack rain cover (25-90L)

The Loowoko cover is made from strong, durable, and waterproof 190T Nylon, which makes it tear and scratch-resistant. An additional polyurethane coating adds an extra layer of waterproof protection.

The cover includes an elastic strap for extra adaptability and buckles for stability. It’s also extremely lightweight and foldable so you can use it to cover most other outdoor items when not traveling.

The rain cover is available in various sizes: Small (25-35L), Medium (35-50L), Large (50-60L), X-Large (60-70L), and XXL (70-90L). Please note that the small and medium-sized covers have one buckle strap, while the large, XL, and XXL sizes have two buckle straps.

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FOME military-style backpack rain cover (15-80L)

This backpack rain cover from FOME has military camouflage and made from wear and tear-proof 300D nylon. It has been reinforced for extra strength and does a great job at keeping your backpack and belongings dry and clean, while elastics ensure that the cover conforms to the shape of your bag and fully covers it.

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Deuter rain cover III (45-90L)

The Deuter rain cover III comes in one size and is suited for trekking backpacks between 45 liters to 90 liters in size. Its material is waterproof nylon that is coated in polyurethane which gives it added protection while the taped seams add extra strength.

Also, for added safety, the entire rain cover is bright and reflective which makes you clearly visible when it is dark outside.

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