Madagascar Island

Those who have visited Madagascar all agree that the island is like no other as it provides scenery found nowhere else on earth. Madagascar is situated just off the east coast of Southern Africa in the Indian Ocean and has been attracting nature lovers from around the world for years now. It’s estimated that up […]

Zanzibar Island

Although a very small African island off the east coast of the continent there is plenty of things to do and see in Zanzibar. Ah, Zanzibar.. the home of many sultan’s and Freddy Mercury. It is a 50 island archipelago that can be found just off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa, famous for […]

The Corn Islands

Visiting the stunning Corn Islands of Nicaragua will most probably be the most memorable Caribbean vacation you ever go on. Situated approximately 40 miles off the east coast of Nicaragua sits the Corn Islands. They are made up of two incredibly beautiful Caribbean islands known as Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island – with […]

The Grenada Islands

Grenada is a Caribbean island nation that consists of three large main tropical islands and several smaller ones. Grenada is known as the island of spice (not to be confused with the spice island). It’s made up of three main islands – Grenada, Petit Martinique, and Carriacou. Grenada is the main island and receives the […]

Anguilla Island

There are so many things to do while visiting Anguilla Island. It’s everything you would imagine the perfect Caribbean destination to be. Anguilla Island with its crystal clear blue waters and snow-white sandy beaches has become the perfect laid back holiday destination in the Caribbean. It’s not only ideal for those in search of relaxation […]

Martinique Island

Martinique Island is a foreign part of France situated in the Caribbean with an interesting mix of both French and local Caribbean cultures. Those who visit Martinique are able to enjoy lush tropical rainforests, Caribbean beaches, and a mix of local as well as French cultures. The island is French foreign territory therefore the local […]

The Con Dao Islands

A little more than 100 miles off the southern Vietnamese coast sits the breathtaking 16 island Con Dao archipelago. Out of the 16 islands which make up the Con Dao archipelago only one is inhabited – Con Son. It’s the second-largest island in the group and is known for its crystal clear blue waters and […]

Fuga Island

If you’re looking for an island that is completely undeveloped and rarely receives visitors, then Fuga island is for you. If you are one of those tourists who love resorts and various types of luxuries while on vacation then it’s best to avoid Fuga island because the island offers none of those. Actually, Fuga doesn’t […]

Cagayancillo Island

Cagayancillo Island is not a popular destination as most visitors to the Philippines prefer the tourist infrastructure and luxuries of the many other nearby destinations. There aren’t many tourists who end up on Cagayancillo island while on vacation in the Philippines because it has no tourist infrastructure in place. As a matter of fact, the […]

The Florida Keys

Sitting 15 miles to the south of Miami are the Florida Keys – a 112 mile long archipelago known by many people as America’s Caribbean. The Florida Keys along with Hawaii are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. There are many islands in the keys and they are all connected by […]

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