Aruba Island

Aruba Island.

Aruba is a small Caribbean island known for its unique and breathtaking desert-like interior landscapes and warm tropical climate.

The 20-mile long Aruba island has a lot going for it despite its small size. It sits in the southwest corner of the Caribbean just outside of the hurricane belt and a few short miles to the north of Venezuela, South America. Some of the things that set the island apart from the rest of its neighbors are its unique landscape which is dry and largely covered in cactus. It’s home to just over 100 000 people and the official language here is Dutch since Aruba is controlled and owned by the Netherlands – although other languages such as Papiamento, English, and Spanish are also widely spoken here. Aruba has a flat desert interior surface with only a couple of hills while its 43-mile long coastline is dotted with stunning white sandy beaches. The highest point sits at a height of just under 190 meters which is Mount Jamanota. There is an incredible variety of things for tourists to enjoy on this small Caribbean island – such as enjoying the beautiful beaches and warm Caribbean waters to a wide variety of beach and water sports, shopping as well as an incredible nightlife.

Where Is Aruba?


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Things To Do In Aruba

Although a small island – there is still an enormous variety of fun outdoor activities for tourists to enjoy. Here are some of the most incredible things to do while on holiday in Aruba.

Visit the Ostrich Farm

The Aruba ostrich farm.

Although ostriches are native to Africa, you will still find over 80 of these African birds at the Aruba Ostrich Farm. Tourists can take several guided tours where they can learn more about these interesting birds. There is also a local shop that provides an enormous variety of African arts which mainly come from South Africa.

Visit the Arikok National Park

The Arikok National Park.

Situated near Mt Arikok (The second highest peak on Aruba) sits the Arikok National Park. The Park takes up about 18% of Aruba’s land surface and is a place where tourists can go to see some rock drawings made by the very first natives who lived on the island – the Arawak people. There are also many hiking trails where people can enjoy the native animal and plant species such as rare cactus plants, divi trees, iguanas, and bird species that can only be found on Aruba and nowhere else on earth.

The beaches on Aruba

The beaches of Aruba island.

Aruba has a lot of beaches for you to choose from. These beaches are also regarded as some of the cleanest beaches in the Caribbean. All beaches are public areas and some of the most popular Aruba beaches are Rodgers Beach, Baby Beach, Arashi Beach, Palm Beach, and Surfside Beach. Please note that nudity on beaches is not tolerated, however, there are some topless beaches along the northeast coast of the island.

When To Go

Aruba enjoys a tropical climate and the weather is extremely hot and sunny most of the year with very little rainfall. This type of weather is mostly consistent throughout the year but thanks to the constant light breeze the temperatures stay rather pleasant. The busy season is usually from January to March while the quiet season is from April to December – which is the ideal time to visit because of lesser crowds and lower prices.

More Information

The official site of Aruba: Visit the official website of Aruba to get more information on this beautiful place.

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