About Roatan Island

About Roatan Island

Half Moon Bay – Roatan, Honduras

A little more than 30 miles to the east of the Central American mainland sits one of the most popular Honduran islands – Roatan.

Roatan is part of the internationally renowned Bay Islands. For those of you who don’t know, the Bay Islands belong to Honduras and it consists of 8 main islands and 53 small cayes. It’s a beloved destination amongst serious scuba divers around the world. Roatan Island is encircled by spectacular coral reefs which attracts a wide variety of Caribbean fish species along with whales, sea turtles and dolphins. Back on land you will find an enormous variety of wildlife consisting of howler monkeys, various species of parrots and even iguanas. The lifestyle on Roatan is very laid back and that in combination with the warm tropical weather, very friendly locals, various island attractions and Caribbean sea makes it a much loved destination amongst tourists from all walks of life.

Where is Roatan Island?

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Things to do on Roatan Island

Roatan Interior

Explore the island interior:

A lot of the most popular attractions on Roatan island can be found along the coast, however the island interior holds many great places to visit and explore. Some of these places include wildlife filled jungles that offers superb hiking trails as well as a small number of villages and towns. Roatan’s interior is also a lot more secluded since most tourists who visit here prefer to spend all their time along the coastal regions.

Roatan Cuisine

Enjoy the food:

The cuisine of Roatan island is exquisite and the local dishes vary from ordinary burgers to delicious seafood and everything in between. A special blend of local coffee and banana pancakes is a typical breakfast here on the island. Lunch can include anything from a specially prepared Caribbean chicken, coconut prawns or even lobster. There are various types of international cuisine here too which includes Italian, Mexican and a whole lot more.

Roatan Diving Spots

The water activities:

The biggest tourist attraction on Roatan Island is the wide variety of water activities. Not only is the island completely surrounded by stunning reefs but the Caribbean waters are warm and calm too. Scuba diving is by far the most popular thing to do on Roatan and divers and snorkelers will be able to enjoy coral reefs, sea walls, a number of different shipwrecks and even a submerged plane lying on the ocean floor just off the coast. If diving or snorkeling isn’t your thing then why not try out glass bottom boat tours, jet skiing, kayaking, fishing or swimming with dolphins?

The West End

Party throughout the night in the West End:

After you have enjoyed the scenic sunset over this Caribbean island head to a region called the West End. The West End is the premiere party destination on Roatan Island and you will find places such as clubs, bars and restaurants – with most of them being open from sunset to sunrise. Popular hangout and party spots not to miss here include Nova, Sundowners, Monkey La La and the Blue Marlin.

When To Go:

The weather in Roatan is perfect all year round. Just keep an eye out for the rainy season – this shouldn’t be too much of a problem because the rain does not last long but the bad weather makes the waters surrounding Roatan Island very rough and unsuitable for swimming.

More about Roatan Island:

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