About Isla Cerralvo

The Mexican Island of Isla Cerralvo which sits off the Baja Peninsula coastline.

The Mexican Island of Isla Cerralvo which sits off the Baja Peninsula coastline.

Isla Cerralvo is a small Mexican island that sits off the eastern coastline of the world renowned Baja California Peninsula.

Isla Cerralvo is currently known as Isla Jacques Cousteau because of a name change that took place during late 2009. It’s been named after the renowned Jacques Cousteau, who was an oceanographer from France that ran a number of underwater expeditions around the island as well as other nearby surrounding areas. The island has a coastline that stretches for roughly 18 miles which makes it the 9th largest island in Mexico. Cerralvo is completely uninhabited except for maybe a few small hotels. It’s not a popular island destination for beach lovers at all. Instead, it’s frequented by fishermen who love the surrounding waters of the island for it’s big game fish. Scuba divers also come here for it’s wide range of exotic fish species and incredibly clear ocean water – normally with visibility for up to 30 meters.

Where is Isla Cerralvo?

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Things To Do On Isla Cerralvo

If you’re not a keen fisherman (small and big game) or a scuba diver then the island will bore you as those are the only two activities on offer here. You won’t find any large hotel chains or resorts either – as the west coast islands are nowhere near as popular as those found on the east coast of Mexico such as the world renowned Mujeres – but here are a couple of the things you can do while on Isla Cerralvo.


Explore the coastline:

As mentioned before, if you’re not here for fishing or diving then you won’t have much else to do. Luckily the coastline stretches for 18 miles which means you could go for long walks along the beach. The beaches itself are not at all that great but offers great views of Baja California mountain ranges in the nearby distance. You could also swim as the waters are always very calm and warm.


Go fishing off the coastline:

As everyone knows, the Baja region is world renowned for its fishing – particularly when it comes to big game fishing. Isla Cerralvo happens to be one of the best spots for fishing with the most popular time being from April through to November. Fly fishing is also popular here but nothing beats big game fishing out on a boat.


Go scuba diving in the surrounding waters:

There are 3 main diving sites found here – La Reyna, La Punta Norte and La Reynita. The waters have very good visibility (up to 30 meters) and offers various reefs. Divers will see Mexican Barracuda, huge Pacific Mantas, big groupers and many other fish species. Hammerhead sharks have been known to frequent the area on occasion too. For more information on these Isla Cerralvo diving spots browse to the links section at the bottom of the page.

When To Go:

Due to the location of the island you can expect pretty consistent weather and temperature all year round. Therefore, anytime of year is a good time to visit this beautiful Mexican island. There is no peak season either as the island is not as popular as those found on the other side of Mexico and most of the tourists along the western part of the country stay on the Baja Peninsula.

More about Isla Cerralvo:

Bajadiving.com: At Bajadiving.com you can find information on the best diving spots on Cerralvo island and various other spots in and around the Baja California Peninsula.

Vistacerralvo.com: The Vista Cerralvo is a small hotel found on the island that offers accommodation to visitors. They also offer and arrange fishing and diving expeditions.

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