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About Ibiza, Spain

The coastline of Ibiza, Spain.

What is it about the island of Ibiza that attracts 5 million tourists to the shores of this small Spanish paradise each year? Warm weather, beautiful settings and summer parties of course.

Ibiza is a spectacular little Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea and has become internationally renowned for being a summer party destination. The island forms part of the legendary Balearic Islands and its largest city is Ibiza Town. Most of the terrain is extremely rugged and rocky while half of the island consists of pine forests. It’s also famous for its large amounts of olive, almond and fig tree plantations. The coastlines of Ibiza island consists of miles of beautiful beaches, most of them lined with various hotels and resorts. There are a few quiet beaches still found here but during peak season there are millions of tourists and it will be harder to find quiet spots for some peace and quiet.

Where is Ibiza?

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The Beaches of Ibiza

Ibiza island is known for having some of the most incredible beach destinations in the Mediterranean. There are a total of 80 beaches on this small island and the northern part of Ibiza is home to most of the quieter beaches. 80 beaches are too many to mention here which is why I will go over 5 of my favorite beach destinations.

Siesta Playa

Siesta Playa

Siesta Playa is a very short beach that sits next to the edge of a mountain. Walking along this coastline is incredible as you get to walk all along the top of beautiful cliffs while enjoying some of the most amazing scenery. The place is breathtaking during the evenings, especially during a full moon as the moonlight lights the place up. If you are fit enough you can walk all the way from Siesta Playa down to Cala Llonga.

Sol Sargamassa

Sol Sargamassa

If you are anything like me then you won’t like the big and overcrowded beaches. If you prefer beautiful and secluded shores then this is the perfect place for you. It’s one of the smallest beaches on the island and is quiet, even during the peak season when there are hundreds of thousands of tourists here in Ibiza. The local hippie market can be found a short distance from here too.

Sol Den Serra

Sol Den Serra

Sol Den Serra beach isn’t all that spectacular. It lacks the white sandy beaches that are common to the other shorelines, and nor is it suitable for swimming because of the currents and the shore can be rather rocky in certain parts. The reason I love Sol Den Serra so much is because it has a very wild and natural feel to it. And the fact that there aren’t any hotels or resorts lined up all along the beachfront here is probably a contributing factor to its wild and natural beauty.



Figueretas Beach is situated in Ibiza Town and it’s not only beautiful but it’s also closely situated to all of the tourist attractions that the town has on offer. You can walk the entire length of the beach in 20 minutes or less and find various restaurants and bars along the way. It’s also a great place to do some island hopping from since there are tour operators scattered along this stretch of coast who are willing to take you to other islands in the vicinity such as Formentera.

Playa De Estanyol

Playa De S’Estanyol

Playa De S’Estanyol sits close to Figueretas Beach and is somewhat unknown to most visitors. The entertaining PK2 beach bar can be found at Playa De S’Estanyol and it has a little bay area with rocks on the side that creates little pools where various types of fish hang out which is great for snorkeling. The only downside is that you cannot get access to the water from here. Instead, you have to walk along the shore towards your left until you have reached the end of the rocks.

When To Go

There is estimated to be close to 5 million tourists who visit Ibiza each and every year with the majority of them coming here during the spring and summer period. The spring and summer months are the busiest period as this is when millions of people from around the world come to the island to party. Personally, I prefer the off peak season which is autumn and winter. It’s much quieter during that period and it’s not that cold at all either. Prices on the island, including accommodations are much much lower during the off peak season too.

More About Ibiza

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  1. Ibiza is a beautiful place! I have visited it during the summer and also during the off peak season, but I think the best season is spring and summer because of the temperature!