About Fuga Island

Fuga Island

A view of Fuga Island from a fisherman’s boat.

If you’re looking for an island that is completely undeveloped and rarely receives visitors then Fuga island is for you.

If you are one of those tourists who love resorts and various types of luxuries while on vacation then it’s best to avoid Fuga island because the island offers none of those. Actually, Fuga doesn’t even have any electricity (unless it comes from a generator). Getting there isn’t easy either and it requires you to travel to Claveria where you will have to hang around the local fish port and ask various fishermen who have their own boats if they are heading that way. It can take a while to organize a ride but once you have one you’re on your way. Fuga is near the Bubuyan Islands and consists of 3 different islands – Mabog Island, Barit Island and the main island – Fuga Island. The interesting thing is that Mabog is a private island that has an incredibly luxurious resort and to stay there you need to book more than a year in advance while Fuga island doesn’t even have something as simple as a bed and breakfast or proper transport to and from the island.

Where is Fuga island?

Things To Do On Fuga Island

One of the burial sites.

Visit The Old Burial Sites:

A while back a number of burial sites were found along the Fuga Island coastline. Various jars were found that contained shells, beads, metals, animal and human remains – primarily bone fragments. There are 3 of these burial sites on Fuga and they are estimated to be almost 6 000 years old. Similar burial sites were found on the other 2 Fuga islands and also on some of the Babuyan islands.

The Fuga beaches

Enjoy The Beaches:

There are a number of beaches here and they are all deserted which means you will be able to enjoy long walks along some of the most isolated beaches you have ever seen. The beaches here aren’t as nice such as those found on the more popular Southeast Asian tourist islands such as Boracay but they are beautiful. Swimming is not advised because if you get into any kind of trouble it will be unlikely that anyone will be around to help.

Fishing in Fuga


One of the primary sources of income for the locals is fishing – and the waters which surrounds the island has no shortage of fish. You can fish from the shore or go fishing out at sea with some of the locals on their boats – although most of the locals here fish with nets instead of fishing rods. Lapu-Lapu are the most common type of fish caught here and a fair amount of sharks end up getting caught too.

Con Dao Diving

Nature Trekking:

Fuga island is truly beautiful and what better way to experience this raw and untouched beauty by going for walks? Visit and walk around the coastal cliffs from where you can enjoy the views of the other two neighboring islands. The grasslands in the interior of the island is also a great place to explore by foot.

When To Go:

The best time to visit here would be from March to May when the monsoons are the least active. It’s possible to visit here during other times of the year but the weather is extremely unpredictable and can change without a seconds notice.\par

More About Fuga Island:

Unchartered Philippines: Unchartered Philippines is a great website to visit if you want to find information on Fuga island and other hard to reach and unknown destinations in the Philippines.

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