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Cuban Tourism

Tourism in Cuba has really kicked off during the last few years.

Cuba has been cut off from the rest of the world for many years but now Cuban tourism is the single largest source of income for this Caribbean archipelago.

The island attracts just over 3 million tourists each year with its more than 2000 miles of perfect coastline, friendly and helpful locals, incredible nature and abundance of tourist attractions. There’s no shortage of things to do in Cuba and along with its affordability makes it a highly sought after holiday destination for many people from across the world.

No wonder tourism in Cuba has kicked off the way it has in the last few years. For the last 20 years Cuba has been attracting many people over the world who are in need of costly surgery because of the country’s highly skilled doctors and hospital affordability. The island is also world renowned for its Cuban cigars, Spanish style colonial architecture, perfect year round climate and various natural attractions.

Where is Cuba?

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Things to do in Cuba

Cuban tourism offers you everything you could expect from a Caribbean vacation and more. Some of the many things you can do in Cuba includes activities such as hiking through pristine forests and mountains, sampling some of the world’s best cigars, visiting 16th century structures, fishing, diving, hunting, sailing, boat tours and lots more.


Explore Havana

Havana has the reputation of being not only the largest city in the Caribbean but also one of the oldest too. The oldest building in Havana dates back to 1519 and everywhere you go you will see stunning Spanish styled colonial architecture. The city is one of the largest driving factors behind tourism in Cuba and offers everything from cigar factory tours, active nightlife, a variety of museums, cabarets, exquisite restaurants, a small collection of popular beaches and lots more.

Eco-tourism in Cuba

Eco-tourism in Cuba

Ecotourism attracts many visitors as it offers everything from everglades, hundreds of nature trails, tropical jungles and thousands upon thousands of bird, animal and plant species. Many of which can only be found in Cuba. The island has more than its fair share of nature reserves too so if you are a nature lover then you will never run out things to do while you’re in Cuba.

Cuban Cigars

Sample Cigars and Rum

Cuba is world renowned for its Havana cigars and rum. Both are some of the finest in the world and are near impossible to find outside of the country. The Vuelta Abajo district is where you will find the cigars while those who are more interested in Cuba’s unique rum will find it just about anywhere on the island. Keep in mind there are some fake rum and cigars going around the country so if you’re going to purchase any, be aware.

Beaches of Cuba

The beaches of Cuba

The beaches of Cuba are world class and plentiful. Exquisite white sandy beaches surround the main Cuban island as well as the various smaller islands surrounding it. There are topless beaches but those are only found on the beaches of private hotels such as those found on Cayo Santa Maria and others. There are also a variety of beach activities on offer.

Your safety in Cuba

Many people don’t know that Cuba is actually one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean. Crime does occur on the island but it’s mostly non-violent and mainly includes tourists being ripped off. See the list of links below to read more about being safe while in Cuba.

More about Cuba

Safety in Cuba: Safety is important while traveling abroad. Luckily Cuba is considered by many to be a safe holiday destination.

Cuba travel info: Check out lonelyplanet.com’s information on this Caribbean destination.

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