The Florida Keys

Sitting 15 miles to the south of Miami are the Florida Keys – a 112 mile long archipelago known by many people as America’s Caribbean. The Florida Keys along with Hawaii are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. There are many islands in the keys and they are all connected by […]

The Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian islands is a very popular destination for tourists thanks to its tropical climate, volcanoes, stunning scenery and beaches. The Hawaiian archipelago sits in the middle of the Northern Pacific Ocean and consists of hundreds of islands. These islands are spread out over a 1500 mile area and there are 8 main islands – […]

The Babuyan Islands

The Babuyan Islands are some of the most remote islands in the Philippines and getting there is an adventure all on its own. To the north of Luzon Island in the Philippines sits the Babuyan archipelago – one of the most remote islands in the Philippines. The Babuyan Islands are made up of 5 main […]

Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang island is the largest of the Koh Chang Archipelago islands in Thailand and is often seen as the Maldives of Asia. In the Trat Province of east Thailand sits Koh Chang Island, the second largest island right after Phuket. Many people agree that Koh Chang is the most beautiful destination in Thailand which […]

Top 5 Beaches in Asia

Asia is an enormous region and is home to many white sandy shorelines which is why we have compiled this list of incredible Asian beaches. Southeast Asia is an area which is internationally renowned for its warm tropical weather, palm trees and spectacular white sandy beaches. Countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, French Polynesia and […]

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is famous for its water bungalows, spectacular scenery and is known to be one of the top island destinations in the world. Bora Bora is a French Polynesian paradise situated in the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by an incredible coral reef and lagoon. Not only that, but the island is home to […]

Ascension Island

Most people still don’t know about Ascension Island because this South Atlantic Ocean destination has only recently opened its doors to tourism. Ascension Island is a very small British controlled volcanic island that sits deep in the South Atlantic Ocean. It’s been home to a Cable & Wireless, BBC, and a NASA station for several […]

Ibiza Island

What is it about Ibiza that attracts 5 million tourists to this Spanish paradise each year? Warm weather, beautiful settings, and summer parties of course. Ibiza is a spectacular little Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea and has become internationally renowned for being a summer party destination. The island forms part of the legendary Balearic […]

Top 5 Caribbean Islands

There are hundreds of Caribbean islands for you to choose from, but how do you know which ones to visit for your upcoming vacation? Here I have selected the top 5 Caribbean islands for you to enjoy. The Caribbean consists of about 28 different island nations but the region consists of somewhere around 7 000 […]

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