Just off the coast of Singapore’s southern coastline sits Pulau Hantu – a small charming island that offers clear ocean water, picturesque beaches and lagoons. Pulau Hantu island is actually two small islets situated right next to each other and has become a renowned destination for outdoor activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. The […]

The beautiful Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand and receives almost 2 million tourists each and every year. Koh Samui sits off the east coast of Thailand and is the third largest island right after Phuket and Koh Chang. The island is breathtakingly beautiful and is known for its coconut trees, white […]

If you’re looking for an island that is completely undeveloped and rarely receives visitors then Fuga island is for you. If you are one of those tourists who love resorts and various types of luxuries while on vacation then it’s best to avoid Fuga island because the island offers none of those. Actually, Fuga doesn’t […]

A little more than 100 miles off the southern Vietnamese coast sits the breathtaking 16 island Con Dao archipelago. Out of the 16 islands which make up the Con Dao archipelago only one is inhabited – Con Son. It’s the second largest island in the group and is known for its crystal clear blue waters […]

Cagayancillo Island is not a popular tourist destination as most visitors to the Philippines prefer the tourist infrastructure and luxuries of the many other nearby destinations. There aren’t many tourists who end up on Cagayancillo island while on vacation in the Philippines because Cagayancillo has no tourist infrastructure in place. As a matter of fact, […]

The Babuyan Islands are some of the most remote islands in the Philippines and getting there is an adventure all on its own. To the north of Luzon Island in the Philippines sits the Babuyan archipelago – one of the most remote islands on the Philippines. The Babuyan Islands are made up of 5 main […]

The jungle covered Tioman Island is surrounded by picture perfect coral reefs and has become a very popular scuba diving destination. Sitting 15 miles off the coast of Malaysia – not far from Pulau Langkawi – sits the densely forested Tioman Island. It has 8 villages, numerous holiday resorts and is scarcely populated with picture […]

Pulau Langkawi is the largest island of the 104 islands that belong to the Langkawi archipelago that sits off the northwestern coast of Malaysia. During high tide, the Langkawi archipelago consists of 94 islands but during the low tide there are 104. These islands are situated about 12 miles off the coast of Malaysia in […]

Koh Chang island is the largest of the Koh Chang Archipelago islands in Thailand and is often seen as the Maldives of Asia. In the Trat Province of east Thailand sits Koh Chang Island, the second largest island right after Phuket. Many people agree that Koh Chang is the most beautiful destination in Thailand which […]

Penang island is known by many as the pearl of the orient and is one of the most popular island holiday destinations of Malaysia. The beaches found along the coastline of Penang are not spectacular and cannot be compared to the beaches found on other islands in Southeast Asia. However, Penang island makes up for […]